Closser & horn Family Cemetery
Located in Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania

Click HERE for a Map & Driving Directions
This map will take you to the Harry A. Reese farm on which the cemetery is located. The cemetery is not visible from the road. It is located just inside the woods and requires some exploration -- dress appropriately if going to visit. You should request permission to enter and directions to the exact location from the land owners.

When we visited this cemetery on 8 November 2002 we found two illegible stones and several other stones that had to be dug out and uncovered. A record of this cemetery taken in the 1970s and included in "Rural Reflections of Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania" (volume 3, page 40) includes nine legible stones and seven illegible stones. More information about each person listed below can be seen by clicking on their tombstone link.

**indexed by inscription**


Name (Last, First)





Closser, John
18 Sep 182_

Tombstone Closser, Rebecca

Wife of John Closser
Tombstone Horn, Catharine
8 May 1832
Wife of John Horn
Tombstone Horn, Elizabeth
July 1854

Wife of Michael Horn
Tombstone Horn, John
26 Sep 1826

Tombstone Horn, John
11 Nov 1868

Tombstone Horn, Mary
20 Aug 1848

Wife of John Horn
Tombstone Horn, Martin
7 Nov 1857
4y 10m 7d
Son of Adam & Mary Horn
Tombstone Horn, Michael 12 Apr 181_
32y 4m 20d

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