Waynesburg University ~ Established 1849
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Waynesburg College Graduate Rosters & Profiles, Classes of 1852-1938
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The Waynesburg College Alumni Collection is an on-going research project. The project goal is to collect photographs and biographical information for each Waynesburg College graduate from the Classes of 1852 to 1938. The project began with the Classes 1852 to 1926, the first 75 graduation years, but has been expanded due to interest and alumni participation. Please be patient as this section of the web site grows to incorporate more alumni profiles. If you have photographs/information to share, questions or other feedback please contact Candice Buchanan.

I am a third generation Waynesburg College graduate (Grandmother Sara (Livingood) Buchanan 1938 / Parents John Lee Buchanan 1975 and Donna Darlene (Leasure) Buchanan 2004 / Myself Candice Lynn Buchanan 2002) with a sincere interest in early Waynesburg College alumni and the impact that they have had on local history.

Descriptions and links to some of the resources used to research Waynesburg College alumni are listed below.

Annual Catalogues

The Annual Catalogues are very useful for determining when students attended, what they studied, where they came from, and what they did after graduation. Often maiden names / married names and early deaths are noted. Alumni are listed by year with profession and current residence beside each name.

Each catalogue also includes tuition rates, school rules, classes required and available, a description of Waynesburg, travel options, boarding options, etc. The change in perspective regarding female education is a notable subject covered. These details are in the last 3-5 pages of each catalogue with more included in the later years.


Matriculation Cards

The matriculation cards are on file at the Waynesburg University Office of Institutional Advancement (Miller Hall, 51 W. College St., Waynesburg, PA 15370). Dr. Paul Rich "Prexy" Stewart, President of Waynesburg College 1921-1963, as part of his effort to preserve the college’s history, created the Matriculation Cards prior to 1934 - the date stamped on the earliest cards. Cards were completed by graduates or by family members of graduates who had already passed away. The information included is very detailed for most students providing valuable genealogical information as well as insight into the life of each graduate. These cards are attached to each graduate's profile as they are scanned and transcribed for this project.

For Your Information

Errors are always possible. Every effort is being made to confirm and document each graduate's information, but discrepancies often occur and adequate information is not always available. Your contributions and input are invited, please contact Candice Buchanan.

This project is not officially connected with Waynesburg University; however, the staff in the Waynesburg University Office of Institutional Advancement, and James "Fuzzy" Randolph, Curator of the Waynesburg University Museum, have been very helpful and have allowed access to many of their excellent, historic records.

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